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Field #29. 18_ x 24_, 46cm x 61cm, o_b, 11_2023_cc_s.jpg
Field #29.jpg
Woodstock Field #29, 11/2023, 18" x 24", 46cm x 61cm, o/b.

"As the formal considerations are removed by the constraints of the style, I am free to play with color.

While painting Woodstock Fields I use the side-to-side Qi-Gong rhythmic motion that I do constantly in daily life.  So there is no need for thinking.

When brushstrokes reveal interesting forms that are welcome in the evolving composition, they stay and their form is the form of that passage, an arbitrary stroke that was just right and becomes art, there forever. Fun indeed. 

Having the form “happen” frees me from thinking about that too.

So we are down to choosing, composing, playing with pure color. The rest happens.”

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