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NFT Catalog


These are the complete catalogs of each NFT collection.

Please note that many Chromatic Pulses may look similar when not watched next to each other, as they may explore similar chromatic space and share some areas of the spectrum.

You can watch the entire collections here and explore the subtle variations between Chromatic Pulses.

The titles of the NFTs indicate the order in which they were created (ie. Blue Spiral/1) and the NFT's position in the  Collection (ie. Chromatic Pulse #56)

Macworld Fractals collection

Collection of 1001 unique “Chromatic Pulses” based on the Macworld 1992-94 T-shirt's Fractal Art.

These vintage Fractals are revisited by artist Roberto Azank in his new “Chromatic Pulses”.

These iconic images from the “Fractal Generation” collection were seen widely, from the pages of Artforum and Scientific American to a mural shown in one of the first Computer Art exhibitions in New York City. Posters and very cool t-shirts were available at universities worldwide, helping make a name for Fractal Art, a new term back in 1989. (read story here)
After 32 years, Roberto has now created a new collection of "Chromatic Pulses" revisiting those vintage fractals images. He animates them in the process of exploring the neighboring chromatic space. Roberto has been using this technique as a new artistic medium, where he explores the Chromatic Spectrum of his own compositions, including his oil paintings as well as his vintage Fractals.


The following NFTs contained titles errors at the time of minting and were subsequently replaced and transferred to a "burn address" to dispose of them permanently.

They are listed here because they can turn up on searches as duplicate images.

- DragonTree6ChromaticPulse86 #1

- Macworld '92 Dragon Tree /4, Chromatic Pulse #84 by Artist Roberto Azank

- Dragon Tree, Chromatic Pulse #5 by Roberto Azank

- Macworld '92 "Dragon Tree", Chromatic Pulse #6

- Macworld '93 Blue Spiral /4, Chromatic Pulse #24 by Artist Roberto Azank

- Macworld Fractal #24: Blue Spiral - Chromatic Pulse #4 by Artist Roberto Azank

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