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nfts (green, of course)

Welcome to the future of Digital Art collecting!

Collecting Digital Original Art is every bit as fascinating as collecting traditional art on canvas.

For years I had hoped for a medium that would allow reproductions of my paintings to be seen in the same way I see them when I paint them: full color intensity, no reflections, just as close to the canvas as I wish. Screens provide just that! Watching a detail of a painting in full view you see pretty much what I saw. This new medium offers a backlit screen to project pure color, without any distortion or surface reflections. It has given me a display option that I regard as vastly superior to the old material constraints of decaying canvases or papers. Digital is forever. 

In my Chromatic Variations I have entered a new medium, purely digital originals, where I am able to manipulate and explore the color space within my paintings in ways never before imagined. Unique 1/1 NFTs are minted from each unique Chromatic Variation.

You can watch your artworks on your mobile or home screens in amazing resolution and perfect color.

What is an NFT? 

NFTs provide a way to prove ownership and authenticity of digital art, which is something that wasn’t really possible before because of how easy it is to copy digital files. This is why there’s so much excitement around them.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, a digital asset that is backed by the Blockchain for verifiable ownership and authentication. They are used to represent unique digital assets, such as digital art. 

Artists mint NFTs of their artwork making it available to collectors as digital property with record of ownership immutably listed on the Blockchain.

What do I get in an NFT? 

Buyers are purchasing a digital item and a unique token on the Ethereum Blockchain, which proves the authenticity and provenance of the item.

A Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that is highly secure, immutable, transparent and traceable.

Do I need crypto? 

While many marketplaces allow convenient payments with credit cards, the actual transaction takes place in crypto. Your credit card dollars are converted to crypto by a third party company and the transaction takes place easily.

What about a Wallet?

To own an NFT, you need a crypto wallet. This wallet is a specific address on the blockchain that only you can control, and this is where your NFTs will live. Learn more about wallets in this guide.

A digital wallet is used to store both your cryptocurrencies and your NFTs. 

Metamask is one of the most common wallets used, it is the wallet that is compatible with the Mintable platform.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to set up your Metamask wallet:

What is a drop? How do I buy an NFT?

An NFT drop is the specific time and date when an NFT will go on the market at a specified mint price for investors to buy. Like any investment, NFTs can increase in price after the initial release, so an initial purchase at a drop can save collectors and help investors make money.

What is a "green" NFT?

The recently completed "merge" of the Ethereum Blockchain to Proof of Stake has made old environmental concerns a thing of the past. Rejoice, all NFTs minted in Ethereum are finally green from now on.

Blue  Spiral, 1989 fractal (Chromatic animation 2022) MacWorld '93 Official T-shirt, by Artist Roberto Azank

Blue Spiral, 1989
(chromatic animation 2022)
MacWorld '93 Official T-shirt
(Boston & Toronto)

Drop to be announced

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